View these videos recorded by Michelle Fadelli:

Drone Footage

Enjoy a view from above. Drone footage shot at the Shadi Holiday Display in December 2016.
Link to Drone

Time Lapse Video

This is an amusing video of the volunteers setting up the Shadi Holiday Display in 2013.
Link to Time Lapse Video

Video of Sundar Shadi

This is a very interesting video about Sundar Shadi.
Sundar Shadi's Gifts

Shadi Logo Text Only Mission Statement: Maintain and display the folk art Christmas scene created by Sundar Shadi. © 2017 - Shadi Holiday Display.
Committee members: Jane Bartke, Rich Bartke, Michelle Fadelli, Donna Houser, Greg Lyman, Mae Ritz, Richard Ritz, Joann Steck-Bayat, Marty Takimoto