Movie Sundar Shadi's Gifts

See footage of the original display. Hear Mr Shadi describe how it came to be.

Sundar Shadi's Gifts

If your family holiday tradition ever included a visit to Sundar Shadi's hillside display on the Arlington in El Cerrito, take a step back in time and enjoy this movie, "Sundar Shadi's Gifts". Learn the history of the "Shadi Holiday Display in El Cerrito" and the man who created it, Mr. Sundar Shadi. The film was produced by the City of El Cerrito and KCRT Channel 28. Shadi created hundreds of folk art pieces over many years as a gift to his community after emigrating from India to study subtropical horticulture at U.C. Berkeley. Beginning with a single star, each year Mr. Shadi hand-crafted sheep, camels, villagers, a "little town of Bethlehem," the "three wise men," and an angel. Using recycled and found items, plaster of paris and papier-mâché, an entire folk art collection was created. For decades, this collection has been a beloved display during the Christmas season and generations of local residents have treasured an annual visit with family and friends.

Shadi Logo Text Only Mission Statement: Maintain and display the folk art Christmas scene created by Sundar Shadi. © 2017 - Shadi Holiday Display.
Committee members: Jane Bartke, Rich Bartke, Michelle Fadelli, Donna Houser, Greg Lyman, Mae Ritz, Richard Ritz, Joann Steck-Bayat, Marty Takimoto